If you’re interested in adding a bunch of iOS apps to your phone or tablet based on what platforms programmers regularly use, I highly recommend GitHub’s iOS apps. They let you do a lot of the stuff that you can normally do on GitHub’s website on your phone. In terms of workflow, you can view your issues, your pull requests, your repositories, and your organizations. You can also favorite some of repositories to easily access them from your app’s dashboard. Plus, you can view any of your notifications or recent activity. If you want to explore or search GitHub, you can do that too. The biggest appeal is that you can view your profile and engage with it exactly like you can through your browser. So you can look at your pinned repos, your starred repos, your followers, etc. You can also view your code and your commit history. And anyone else’s code and commit history. The only drawback is that you don’t have a way to view all the activity of everyone you’re following in a single news feed like the GitHub site does, but that’s a minor inconvenience. And you can hack it slightly by clicking on the “following” link on your profile, then clicking through to each user you already follow to see their profiles and click on their repos. It’s a roundabout solution, but it’s at least a solution.

The Slack apps are also good. Slash identical to what you get via their desktop app. Slash only valuable if you want to be plugged in all the time. (And, honestly, who does?) But in case you’re wondering: Yes, they are solid.

In contrast, don’t get the GitHub desktop app, which is GARBAGE. In its defense, it was designed to let you use it instead of the terminal to interact with GitHub, but since we all use the terminal all-day everyday, it doesn’t really add any value. It would be cool if they had a desktop app that could do everything that you would normally have to use your browser to go to their site to do. Ya know, kinda like what their iOS apps (at least partially) do. If anyone actually has and uses the GitHub desktop app and loves it, please let me know what I’m missing.

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