How many pennies would fit into the room you are in right now?

It’s great because there’s no “right” answer, but the process of getting to your answer is fun. Most interviewers just want to see that you aren’t thrown off by a difficult problem, and that you can begin to work your way through it, especially if you can raise possible concerns about what necessary criteria must be included in your solution.

My favorite answer comes from the movie Abandon, which is a horrible movie starring Katie Holmes that you should never watch. BUT her answer is cool. She’s sitting in a room with three people interviewing her, so her response is: “With or without us in it?” Delivered in a perfect deadpan:

When defining a new variable in JavaScript, you either use const or let (there’s also var out there in the ether, but it’s been superannuated). Const means the variable will remain constant, as in it can’t be changed; let means the variable can be changed to whatever you want after…

Math Connection!

Sometimes you need to work with a grid that wants a very specific type of coordinates when your project probably benefits from using a different type of coordinates. Especially if your project seems very dependent on angles, or if your project seems to want to shift the grid’s…

Notion is a great productivity app. It’s free, and it’s pretty. Both of which are highly appealing to me. While it comes with a lot of built-in and free-to-use templates (i.e., standard layouts for a page), often times you have your own idea about how you want your pages to…

Jackson Reeves

Inquisitive full-stack developer with more than a decade of experience in education and journalism.

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